Credit Card Loan

What is Credit Card Loan
  • It’s payment card issued by a financial institution for the purpose of payment of goods and services.
  • It is basically a small loan because just like a house loan or personal loan, you are essentially borrowing cash from your card issuer that must be paid back.
  • Issuer opens a revolving account that grounds the cardholders a line of credit that is used for payment or credit.

Our Services
  • Ever wanted to buy something expensive but not fork out a huge chunk of cash, We provide one stop solution service to settle credit card loan.
  • An easy payment plan lets you do just do that and even save you some money in the process.

Benefits & Privileges
  • To take advantage of a lower interest rates.
  • To consolidate other debt into one loan & account.
  • To reduce the monthly repayment amount.
  • To get cash on hand or free up cash.

Who Can Apply
  • Malaysian citizen
  • Minimum have credit card

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